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The innovative UpPro series man-riding traction hoists provide safe and reliable access for installation and maintenance of elevators, building facades, roofs, and more.


  • Easy, ergonomic operation with pendant controls and self-reeving traction
  • Complete model range with capacities from 1000 to 2,500 kg, speeds from 5 to 18 m/min., and multiple power supply options
  • Proven, reliable performance in demanding environments and applications
  • Maximized safety with optional UpSafe Overspeed Safety Lock (OSL) and Inclination Safety Lock (ISL)
  • EN 1808 certified, and quality made in Germany in our ISO 9001:2015 factory
  • Customizable to meet your unique applications with optional upper limit switch, remote controls,and central control box

UpPro Man-riding Hoist Series

ModelPayloadPhaseRope ØRated SpeedVoltageMotorElectronicsWeight
 (kg) (mm)(m/min)(V)  (kg)
P1010 CE91000310940050 HzContactor53
P1010 CE91000310923050 HzContactor53
P1010 CE1810003101840050 HzContactor55
P1010 CE9/1810003109/1840050 HzContactor63
P1010 VFD2 5/910001105/923050/60 HzVFD61
P1010 VFD4 5-1810003105/9/12/1823050/60 HzVFD61
P1010 VFD4 5-1810003105/9/12/1840050/60 HzVFD61
P2514 VFD 5-1825003145/9/12/1840050/60 HzVFD155
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