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Permanent Platforms - Kliper



  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • All-around solid plate aluminum cladding, including around the wire winders
  • Cable bin to store electrical supply cable
  • Twin-drum wire winders up to 125 m
  • Internal cover over wire winder
  • Low-noise castor wheels ~160 mm
  • Non-marking soft wall rollers (10)
  • CE-marked safety harness attachment points
  • Foot-steps on both sides for in/out

Powered by TITAN-403 PI traction hoist with:

  • Electro-mechanical overload detection device in series
  • Electro-mechanical service brake
  • 'No Power' emergency descent
  • Thermal protection in series
  • Slack rope safety device

Safety devices

  • Top limit switch
  • Ultimate top limit switch
  • Mechanical anti-tilt device
  • Bottom limit trip bar


Self weight 235 kg1
Safe working load (SWL) 250 kg
Number of persons 2
Climbing speed 8.5 m/min
Power supply 415V+Earth/3 phase/50Hz
Power consumption 2.0kW2
Hoist capacity (WLL) 400kg
Suspension and safety rope ~ 8.4 mm3
Electrical supply cable 4x1.5mm2, 3 phase +Earth4
1 Self-weight without steel wire rope and power supply cable. Add 1.35 kg/m for ropes and cable.
2 Power consumption at rated load
3 Breaking load 52.3 kN
3 For electrical cable lengths >80m use 4x2.5mm2
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