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Suspended Platforms - Custom Designed Platforms

Custom Designed Platforms

Power Climber offers specialized custom-designed access solutions for the full range of work performed at height. From single point modulos and double-deck angled platforms to circular platforms and multiple angled platforms, we help contractors perform up-tower work more efficiently.

Double Decked Angled Platforms

are specially configured from 9m to 15m with specially designed corners to allow for challenging access for curtain wall installation, caulking, waterproofing and other commercial building maintenance or construction. Typically powered by three Titan hoists.

Circular platforms

Standard Modulo platforms along with custom designed components can provide circular or doughnut shaped work platforms. These are typically for maintenance or construction of smoke stacks, Kilns, wind towers.

Multiple angled platforms

For very complex shapes Modulo and custom designed platforms can be configured to access a variety of unique shapes. Talk to a Power Climber team member to discuss your particular access challenges.

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