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Suspended Platforms - Modulo Platforms

Modulo Platforms

Our Modulo platforms offer safe, reliable and cost-effective access. Designed for speed and ease of set-up, they are also versatile, built to the durability standard and can be re-configured easily with our angled sections to meet the expectations of the most demanding professional contractors. The unique design of the Power Climber angle section allows the Modulo platform to be configured at different angles (20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 72° and 90°), adjusting to your access needs and offering a high degree of flexibility

Optional MODULO® configurations

  • Adjustable corner sections
  • Double-deck platforms
  • 'Boiler' type platform to fit through man-holes
  • Custom designed configurations


  • Standard Modules of 0.5m, 1m, 2 m and 3 m for a high degree of flexibility for platform configuration
  • Light weight aluminum decks, side frames and guard rails
  • Robust steel galvanized U-frames and end-stirrups
  • Galvanized steel, U-frames, end-guard rails, and stirrups
  • Quick and hassle-free assembly, with new, one step 'insert and snap', Safefix pins
  • Can be fitted with end-stirrups and/or walk-through stirrups

Modulo with end-stirrup


  • Max. length up to 12m
  • Standard Modules of 0.5m, 1m, 2m and 3m for a high degree of flexibility for platform configuration
  • Light weight aluminium decks, side frames and guard rails
  • Robust steel hot-dip galvanised U-frames and stirrups
  • End stirrup mounted hoists (Walk-through stirrup optional)
  • Quick and hassle free assembly with new, one step 'insert and snap' SafeFix pins
  • Designed for Power Climber traction hoists
  • European Standard EN1808 certification for all standard configuration

Modulo with walk-through stirrup (WTS)

It is the only WTS on the market that meets all of European Standard EN1808 requirements, including allowing the slack rope safety device of the hoists to act as a self-sufficient mechanical tilt limiting safety device. This is because the top position of the hoist allows direct operation of all of the hoist's built-in safety devices. The Power Climber walk-through stirrup is placed at the rear side of the platform. This gives a working surface that is completely clear and allows the corners of the building to be easily accessed.


  • Top limit switch activated without any additional mechanism or remote switch required
  • Telescopic vertical adjustment to allow the operator to reach as high as possible up the building
  • Very Light weight (fully assembled = 25kg) aluminium construction
  • No diverter roller (pulley) at the top to reeve through
  • Components are small enough to fit in a standard passenger lift (largest part is max. 2m high, weight 15kg)
  • Fits anywhere along the length of platform
  • Very easy to assemble by one person with Safefix pins. No bolts (except to fitting hoist) required for assembly or for fixing of WTS to the main platform

Modulo 450 Boiler Platforms

Accessing interiors of boilers, digesters, vessels and other tight spaces is accomplished with Modulo 450 boiler platform. The unique modular hinge and pin design allows components to fit through a 460mm opening, making it easier to access confined space.

Modulo Double-deck Platforms

This special platform configuration allows workers to work simultaneously on two levels. The two platforms are linked at the ends with ladder frames. The upper deck platform is fitted with a trap door for easy access from one level to the other. Standard separation between the platforms is 2 or 3m.

The modular design of the Modulo 450 suspended platform allows you to modify the configuration of the standard components to obtain the platform length required. These components are secured together by using the patented SafeFix pin system.

All components fit through a manhole of dia. 450mm (or 18 inch).

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