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Power Climber has trained thousands of technicians to safely work with suspended access equipment and hoists all over the world. We understand that our job is to help you do your job safely and efficiently.

Training Benefits:

  • Hands-on training in operating, inspection and maintenance
  • Improves worker safety awareness
  • Helps control accident-related costs
  • Saves downtime due to operator errors
  • Prevents damage to structures from equipment misuse
  • Projects better professionalism of employees
  • Shows commitment to employee safety

Wind Access Training Options

  • Content specialized to wind plant technicians
  • Offered in our industry-leading training facility in Belgium and in field locations with full access to wind turbines
  • Successful individuals will receive certificates for verification
  • Content is approved by several wind turbine OEMs to meet their criteria

To sign up for training, please contact our Belgium office at +32 3 451 05 00 or

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